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Ebenezer Scrooge is a man who has everything; a thriving business, a house of his own in a popular part of London and a pot of money large enough to keep all to himself. Best of all, tonight is Christmas Eve, and he's about to be visited by his old friend Jacob Marley.

The only problem is that Marley is dead.

Dead as a door-nail.

Scrooge is about to be dragged against his will on a ride through the snowy and uncertain landscapes of Christmas' past, present and yet to come.

Dickens' classic story of ghosts, greed and goodwill is given boisterous new life in this chilling and contemporary production. With an all-singing, all-transforming ensemble, Metal Rabbit (Johnny Got His Gun, Fiesta) and director Gus Miller (The Picture of John Gray) bring you the ultimate Christmas story, unwrapped for today. 

Scrooge: Alexander McMorran

Ensemble: Cat Gerrard, Elizabeth Grace-Williams, James Mack, Liam Mansfield and Rhiannon Neads 

Director: Gus Miller 

Writer: Novel by Charles Dickens, adapted for the stage by Neil Bartlett

Musical Director: Greg Link

Designer: Max Johns

Lighting Designer: Max Lethenthall

Producer: George Warren and Martha Rose Wilson for Metal Rabbit

"The stars of the show are the ensemble. The five actors form a tightly-woven team, seamlessly transitioning between the colourful characters that come in and out of Scrooge’s troubled past, present and future." ~ ★★★★★ Samuel Lickiss, London Theatre 1

"packs a powerful holiday punch" ~ Sohia S. ★★★★ The Londonist

"Cat Gerrard really embraces each of her characters, particularly Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family scenes as a whole are heartfelt and endearing." ~ Michaela Clement-Hayes, West End Wilma

"the production as a whole has a charming and poetic sensibility.  Mostly this comes from the imaginative and energetic ensemble, all playing multiple roles. This is a group of multi-talented performers who exude warmth but equally can frighten and disturb." ~ ★★★★ The Gizzle Review

"The cast as an ensemble are brilliant" ~ ★★★★The Theatre Tourist

"hugely imaginative production" ~ ★★★★ Erin Basset, The Upcoming

"a rather elegant, approachable and unique take."~ ★★★★ Views From The Gods 

"yet another dramatisation of the story can send a shiver down the spine, put a smile on the face and bring a tear to the eye. This production realises all of that potential, doing so in some considerable style, and only a real you know who could fail to enjoy it." ★★★★ The Reviews Hub

"Being jostled down Oxford Street with the leering face of Ben Stiller staring down at you it's all too easy to grow a cynical shell and regard Christmas as an exercise in conspicuous consumption.  But Metal Rabbit Productions dragged me kicking and screaming towards genuine cheeriness. And with Tiny Tim (an excellent Cat Gerrard) happily exclaiming "God bless us, everyone" I actually felt a mote of dust in my eye." ~ London City Nights

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