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CAT GERRARD is a storyteller, performance-maker, dramaturg and teacher from London, based in Berlin. She trained at Drama Studio London and later at LISPA (now Arthaus Berlin), where she has been part of the core teaching team since 2016.


She has toured Europe with solo work and with various puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling ensembles, including Theatre Témoin, Ulua(k) Teatro and Pandvani 108. Current productions include: Somewhere, Maybe Here

Cat’s teaching always puts the body and story at the centre of the process. Key questions that run through her teaching include: What stories do we need now? What stories live inside us and around us? How can we have an embodied dialogue with stories? What is the work of being an artist? In these unique and challenging times these feel more important than ever.

Photo by Adi Weinberg

With a love for form, Cat is always on the lookout for new forms, for the form that is needed right now. During this period of Covid, Cat has been exploring how to work with the online space, how to open new and exciting spaces of connection, creation, teaching and mentoring. She has curated two new online courses in this time:

The Artist and Story - with collaborators Adi Weinberg and Lionel Ménard and Revealing the Jewels - with collaborator Adi Weinberg. Please see the Research and Teaching page for more information on these courses.

Cat is Artistic Director of storytelling company TailSpin, for which she curated and MCed the monthly Night of the Storyteller and the annual Story Bazaar - a series of storytelling events held in London between 2010 and 2015. Now, emerging slowly in Berlin, TailSpin is working to support those grappling with narrative and story in any form. See the TailSpin page for more information.

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