Cat is a performance-maker, storyteller, teacher and director from London, based between the UK and Berlin. She trained at Drama Studio London before falling head-first into the devising physical theatre world and subsequently graduating from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), where she now teaches.


She has toured Europe with solo work and with various puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling ensembles, including Theatre Témoin and Pandvani 108.

She is a founder member of ensemble Impronta Theater

An explorer of the in-between, Cat is constantly pushing her own craft and performance conventions, creating cross-arts hybrids that best speak to a broad audience now. Her work aims to dive deep into the human condition and the world now, to change her own heart and mind, as a first step towards changing the world that we live in. She continually explores a different relationship with the audience: one that is more reciprocal and gives real creative agency. This often involves alternative spaces; Cat has performed in forests, streets, urban parks, canteens, public transport, cafés, offices, art centres, yurts, earth houses, tents, theatres, on estates, round fires and in schools across Europe. She invites you off the path, where the owl hoots and the badger scuffs.

She is Founder and Artistic Director of storytelling company TailSpin, which has existed since 2010 to give performers space to dive into the unknown and bring back vital, dark earth.


She has been exploring the depths and heights of voice, text and telling - as a practitioner and a teacher - since 2010, colliding her cross-arts interests with a movement towards wholing. Cat joined the LISPA staff team in 2016. See the Teaching page for more information about her current areas of research. 

Photo by Valeria Tomasulo

© Cat Gerrard

illustrations by Nanna Koekoek

Last updated Feb 2018

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