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The Artist and Story Online Workshop - Opening Spaces: online, in your home, inside you...

The Artist and Story workshop emerged about 5 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, when we didn’t have any choice but to stop teaching or go online. That virtual space opened in those early months out of necessity has, over time and with experimentation and dedication, become an exciting new and normalized space to connect, communicate, inspire and play in. Although there’s a deep longing to come back to an in-person space and in-person teaching, we don’t intend to close our online Artist & Story space as that return happens because for us the online isn’t just a compromise or an unwanted substitute, it opens a whole universe of new and complimentary possibilities.

The Artist and Story workshops have brought together a group of creatives from 15 countries on four continents – into connection with each other’s performative, creative, social and cultural landscapes, with each individual artist’s process and its pushes and pulls. The online space has helped forge connection and community, through the dialogue between these wildly different individual projects in a group setting.

It’s also brought big, juicy questions about performative forms. Do we lean in to the digital and find forms there, which may be new for us and for audiences, or do we work with the digital in service of the live (and everything in between)?

It’s also changed the nature of the spaces we “work” in. Many of us have had to “work” in our “home” spaces and, in doing so, we’ve started to find some interesting edges and possibilities. We’ve begun creating more malleable home spaces, finding more possibility of shape-shifting in ourselves. It’s been an invitation to let the artist be present in unlikely spaces, to find solutions. What, after all, is the work of being an artist? And in which spaces can this work happen?

These are some of the spaces and questions that are open as we journey with The Artist and Story. We think they’re great and urgent questions. We hope they tickle your feathers and you’d like to join us for the next workshops, Course 1 starting 9th August (AM: Europe & Australasia friendly-time) and Course 2 on 4th October (PM: Europe and Americas friendly-time).

*** The deadline for Course 1 is 21 JULY and for Course 2 it's 13TH SEPTEMBER*** More info here:

See some more of the wonderful work of previous participants in the images below. Thanks to Magda Halska (Poland), Georgie Edwards (UK) and Nico Pires (France/Portugal).

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