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The Artist & Story Workshop - Who's It For?

As we prepare for a new journey with a new group of creatives in August 2021, we'll be sharing some stories and experiences of previous workshops and give you a sense of what you can expect in the workshop to come.

The Artist & Story workshop is for practitioners and artists from any field who work with story in any way. We’ve worked with wonderful creators from all disciplines and backgrounds: dancers, circus artists, writers, clowns, spoken word artists, musicians, directors, physical theatre performers, puppeteers (and many who occupy multiple backgrounds at once!).

The journey is crafted to give you both broad provocations for your project and process and specific, personal feedback. We meet you where you are and accompany you, helping you to go in the direction you want to go, to evolve the piece as it would like to evolve. Whether your project’s in a very early stage – where something wants to come into the space for the first time – or whether it’s a piece that’s been years in the making and playing.

We work with the spirit of playfulness, encouraging you to look at and experience the story from different perspectives, letting the material run through and live in the body. It’s a kind of echolocation that helps you to find out how the material sits with you now, where it would like to go and what form/s or shape it would like to take in this moment.

See below for the wonderful work of some of our previous participants, created during the workshop.

To apply or for more info - have a look here. The deadline is 21st July 2021!

Artists above: Nico Pires, Georgie Edwards, Florian von der Thannen, Alba Murcia, Eugene Chow and Alice Marsh. Big thanks to you all for the images of your work.

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