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In November 2012 Cat Gerrard began a journey across America, by bicycle. She soon learned that 2767 miles is not just a journey on a map: it’s a journey into our own depths. 

Travelling across swamp and desert, stretched out and blown about by forces outside and in, she discovered how to stay still at full tilt.


Join Cat and cyclist and percussionist Belinda Sherlock as they interclash and rhythmically mash storytelling and percussion, using only their voices, bodies and bicycles.

Charming doesn't do Gerrard the person justice and as a storyteller she's frankly mesmerising... 


Then there's the music. Belinda Sherlock is credited as "percussionist" however that really should be "miracle worker" as the sounds she gets out of the bike (yes, you read that right) are nothing short of baffling... 


it is simply what fringe theatre is all about. - ★★★★ A View From the Gods

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